The Road to Where

On many of my journeys we would take off to places unknown to us. I often think back and find myself being amazed at the boldness I lived in and by. God is a mighty God and when you strike out to follow His commands He will fill your heart with extra faith. Faith does not look at the circumstances but rather listens to the heart of God and His Word.

God’s Word is truth and life and power. Trust in The Lord with all ALL your heart and lean not to the raging fears or thoughts that consume the mind and those feelings that tempt one to turn from what God has said to do. How many amazing moments in my life I would have missed had I listened to fear or the doubts. Learn to listen to the heart of God in His Word and then obey and great adventures will come your way.

Where is wherever or whatever God is saying to you. Step out and take a leap of faith and peace will consume your soul, your mind, your feelings, and your will. Be blessed be obedient to God

Tigi (Dale)