The journey of obedience

Hi to all,
Journeys seem to have surprises waited at the edge of where we are going. Everyone has a story and many stories of one’s life come as each person crosses the borders and often limitations set for them by others and even themselves. I took a journey of strict obedience, decision, determination, and diligence as God led me to accomplish a huge task. No one knows how hard it is to write and write where others may read and enjoy, than authors. It is not easy task.

Writing the book God told me I would write in the early 70’s was taking a risk. A risky challenge that I would be able to accomplish something that would carry me beyond my own abilities.

I had to take this journey because God asked me to. I have no regrets for the countless hours spent writing, re-writing, and editing over and over as the mid-night oil burned to keep me going. There by my side was my good friend Joy to encourage me onward when the job seemed too hard.

I am and will be eternally grateful to my life long friend from the days of our High School for helping me, not only to correct my English but to help put the book together in an orderly manner. To write about my life journey with God and add in all He has led me to do plus the fifteen years in the field of souls here and abroad was a task beyond my own ability. I am thrilled to introduce you to this book that brings tears to my eyes when I remember the terrific moments spent with the many cultures in 25 nations that God sent me to.

Be blessed beyond the door of faith,
Check out the book. Your life could very well change as mine has. I dreamed since an eight year old child that I would travel to meet people in many nations. God has prepared for His children an inheritance…Psalm 2:8 tells us what that is. Dream on and follow after peace as you walk out your journey of life with God. He and He alone gets and deserves the glory!
Dale (Tigi)