The rose is the most adored flower of all flowers in the world. Most often used for love and romance, victories, honor, and it is used  often  to share our heart and our feelings in life and even in death. The texture of the rose and its glorious colors amaze people around the nations.

How lovely was the sign of the rose that God would send  me for confirmation on my journeys around the world. In spite of the rose being such a beautiful thing it carries a sharp quick sting. Unlike many plants that sting, the rose prick is quick to penetrate then quickly leaves after it’s painful thrust. We manage to forgive the rose for its quick sharp stick for the beauty of the rose and its heart to please us with its amazing glory.

I like to think of friends in this way. They can be so beautiful in relationships, but they too can hurt us without realizing or even knowing that what they did or said was hurtful. Yet with true friends and Godly people the sting of a friend or family member is like the rose; often short lived. Unless we choose to let the pain continue. Forgiveness is a glorious thing that relieves the pain and heals our hearts. Like the roses, their beauty comes back to make us laugh or to help our sorrow to pass. Thank God for friends, family, and the ability to get pass the pricks of people and the pain that life sometimes deals to us. Look for the beauty in others and let the pricks go aside. There is beauty after the rain and roses love to shine after the rain.


Look to God He will see you through anything and give you roses with a scent that will last forever. That lasting scent is the love of our Father God and our Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit that abides in us and with us. They are the roses in our lives. Great, beautiful, honorable, trustworthy and filled with love that overcomes all sin. We often forgive the rose for its pricks, for the beauty which it gives to us in spite of the pricks of its thorns. I often wonder about why such a beautiful flower as the rose, that it would have such thorns. The world is filled with beauty and thorns so let us remove the thorns and enjoy the beauty of God and His amazing creations such as the rose.

Blessings to each of you,

Dale (the wandering rose of God my heavenly Father who is so perfect and righteous, as well; so very beautiful)