Out of The Ashes

This morning as I prepared for the day the voice of God spoke to me these words, “Out of the Ashes.” I was meditating over a sermon I was preparing for a ladies group to be held in August in San Antonio.

These words God spoke  inspired me as I rushed to write them down. Out of the ashes, this is what most of our lives are all about. To perfect pottery, or metal it takes heat. Fire can be good then it can also destroy. Satan comes in to steal, to kill, and to destroy but God our heavenly Father comes to give life and give it with abundance. A good vessel of pottery must be fired in heat to make it usable. A rose must be crushed to bring out the lovely scent of the rose for perfume. A decision and revelation of God’s great merciful love and forgiveness takes the ash heap that bad choices make, and turns them into good. God never sends pain to teach us, but He will use what the enemy finds to use against us and then turn it around in order to help us grow and become victorious. Lessons learned help us to not go down those roads again. There is a path that God maps out for us and our lives. When we follow His voice, we can find the greatest journeys to travel on. So take heed to that still small voice that agrees with nothing but the Word of God and His direction and all will be well with your soul. Let God shape and mold you to His glory. After all, that is one of our purposes on this earth; to bring glory to God and touch the lives of those whose lives have turned to ash.

I have risen from a heap of ashes in my life recently. With tears flowing from the pain, guilt, and sometimes shame; I with God at my side have risen to allow Him to take the mess I had made through not listening to His voice and watched Him turn it all around. Never fear, God is always near and He waits to turn our lives around. When we seek, knock, and ask Him to fix us in order to make us a vessel good for his service, He will do just that. Let us give Glory to God and God alone. Out of the ashes can come a beautiful vessel. God’s destiny waits for you as you obey His voice and the call on your life.  He will lead you to adventure. Out of the ashes came a rose made beautiful for the King of Kings. Glory to God in the highest.

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