On The Road Again

scan0003I remember this moment with the greatest of joy and relief. This man in the picture beside us zany clowns grew up in Ireland and was 80 years old when he witnessed a sight he had not expected on a cold November night in 1993.

My clown team and I had ministered to a group of children and when all done we decided to go out in costume to grab a bite to eat in one of the pub/restaurants in Dundalk. This man’s name was Shawn and when he saw us skipping into the sandwich shop he began screaming as well as wildly gesturing for us to sit with him.

It was later that evening in a coffee shop next door that we personally met with him. He was and had been weeping till he was weak. Some of his first words were ” I have never known but one happy day in all my life. That day was when I went to the circus to see the clowns. They made me laugh. I was six years old. My father beat me terribly until I was sixteen.”  In great giant sobs of misery Shawn continued. ” I finally ran away and I  have lived as a drunk on the streets all my life. When you walked in that door to the pub I was taken back to remember the one happy day of my life when I was only six.” More sobbing continued as we held him and sat  crowding close to him. The presence of God was powerful in His forgiving love.

After much compassion and sharing Jesus with this old gent who obviously had had a tender heart at one time, we began sharing God’s love with Shawn. We watched much of the the buried  pain and sorrow gush from him as the flood gates of deep hurt opened. We cried with him as well. Personally we had preferred to not go out in public dressed like clowns to a restaurant, but oh how happy and fulfilled we were when we sat wiping his tears from his face and the table where they had dripped. God’s great compassion left all of us and the people in the restaurant bowing their heads in prayer. More hearts and wounded people than Shawn were ministered to that fateful night.

God will use anyone or anything to bring salvation and healing to a wounded person. Shawn died the next winter, but he had trusted in Jesus and called on Father God to save him. I believe the heavens were filled with rejoicing that night and when he entered those pearly gates in heaven to meet God the next year the glory of the Father burst into a celebration of glorious fireworks.

Stories like this and many other adventures reveal the deepest soul and hearts of many people and the real life stories are tucked away in the treasure box of pages waiting for you and others to read in my book,  Destiny Waited and Courage Roared by Dale Davis. I took the gospel to the world as a theatrical clown and then for another eight years smuggled Bibles and ministered in Churches in places where people hungered to see a Bible and know about Jesus/Jeshua the Messiah. What a life I lived and am living as I tell of the mighty power, protection, and provision of my God the almighty creator of all.

Tigi (Dale Davis) Woman with the lion-hearted spirit of God