Dale Davis is a teacher, evangelist, and author who provides motivational teachings and training in many areas. She teaches about courage, missions, traveling, and about standing for what you believe and walking in obedience to God, which can lead you to your greatest adventures. She knows how to fight like a bulldog for the things of God from the knowledge she has gained as she has walked out her life and has learned that there will come a new day and that we are to take charge to seek God and find joy in that day.

Dale’s expertise covers the following ministerial subjects:

  • Teaching God’s precious Word through drama and illustrated word pictures lessons
  • Leading fellowship through studying and a gathering of women to worship God with spiritual exercise that she calls free dance to the Lord
  • Training seminars to help you serve in almost any area of ministry in the church such as teaching, youth ministry, puppetry, theatrical clowning, outreach, and missions here and abroad.
  • Finding beauty beyond the storm and helping you learn how to dance in the rain
  • Realizing growing older is simply a time to live your unforgettable memories as a unique beauty
  • Growing zesty and passionate in each and every season of you life
  • Sharing how-to tips and training on the following topics: Worship exercise classes, a reading club, organizing classes, friendship and fellowship relationships, decorating on a budget, writing your story or testimony, and overcoming pain, betrayal, and depression
  • Conducting and leading mission trips to Israel and other countries

Dale believes everyone has a story, and she will share hers and make opportunities for you to come and share your hopes and dreams as you find new friends while laughing and perhaps even crying together during her seminars where she entertains, educates, and evangelizes.

Here are a few of her favorite teaching topics:

  • Courage Beyond the Chaos
  • You Are One of a Kind
  • Living the Art of Life
  • Unforgettable Memories
  • The Experience of Being Crushed and How to Be Healed
  • Beauty Beyond the Pain
  • It’s About the Heart
  • Life Beyond the Pain
  • Life is a Passage..Make the Most of It
  • Learning About Spirit, Soul, and Body
  • A Camel for Your Desert
  • Sarah Laughed and I Laughed Too
  • Zesty Aging
  • Feed the Beauty in You