In The Garden

slider1On a walk up a mountain side in Spain I stopped to sit on a rock and meditate over the good things of God. This  picture was snapped as I opened a small Bible that was given to me by a very dear man named Roy. He was 80 when he joined my theatrical clown ministry in the early 90’s. His theater clown character was a doctor and his sweet wife made him the most darling costume. Roy was a great soul winner and a bold (young at heart) man. I am reminded when I sit in my garden of the wonderful people who have passed through my life. Roy was one of them and is in heaven waiting for us.

Had I not obeyed the voice of God to strike out to attend Bible School in La Marque, Texas in 1992 I would have missed so much. It was from here that I launched into an international season for my ministry. I was sitting on my screened porch this morning looking at a huge yard that was once a dirt pile where feral cats had made into their waste potty. It is now a huge beautiful garden filled with plants and flowers along with some pots filled with colored bottles and water for the birds.

I praised God, for that garden was made of many small moments of hard labor, sweat and tears along with faith to obtain more plants. I love gardens and God does too. He made Adam and Eve a garden deluxe in the beginning. Much meditation takes place in my garden and I relate fulfilling vision to planting a garden. You begin with faith, a plan, and hope that you will someday have beautiful flowers and green things not dirt and more dirt. Gardens take much care and weeds attempt to take it over constantly. Pruning takes place almost everyday. I can relate many verses in the Bible in many different ways to the garden. You must work the ground, add good dirt, and plant seeds. Of course you must feed it, water it and move plants about to receive the best light possible for their growth in order for it to produce.

This morning God’s love consumed me and praise filled my mouth as I stared into the beautiful plants and flowers. In five years, what was; as one friend coined from an old phrase this quote, “Dale you have  taken a sow’s ear and made it into a silk purse.” I hope you take your vision and plow the harvest field with faith and obedience to God’s call for you life. Plant the Word of God and it will grow and a garden will give you refuge in the storms of life. Vision will come one step of faith, one decision to obey God, and prayer to see God’s vision come to pass. Twenty five nations are now mine for I was willing to work the plow to stir the dirt, I took steps of boldness and risks to step out to believe and act on what God was telling me. I am still doing this today. Vision and destiny wait for you as you take steps out your front door to follow and take heed to the voice of God.

Tig (Dale) lion-heart woman of God always ready for action

Get to planting spiritual seeds and bloom where you are planted till the next season comes and goes