Great Joy

The day dawns and up we rise to face new opportunities. Great joy is derived from serving others and obedience to God, our Father. God is awake and never sleeps always standing by our side and completely ready to touch our lives in new ways.

Seek and we find, ask and He gives, knock and God opens the door. If the door feels shut there is always a window. God will watch over you. I remember this so well, when I was in the middle of Spain on the way back from a ministry time in France we stopped along the roadside. Down a lonely dusty old road we found a rustic Roman ruins of a fortress once grand but now fallen and worn by time, wind, and all that the elements that wear away at that which we build. The presence of Father God was the most amazing breathtaking opportunity in that deserted place. The day held for me the most awesome experience in my life. Standing alone with God with ruins in the background, mountains glimmering in the sunlight, and what was once a flowing river dammed for drinking water I stood feeling the touch of God upon my heart.  I felt God like I had never felt Him before. He was everywhere in everything all all consuming love raced through my veins.  God is more than real and He will show Himself to you when you seek to obey His voice in all you do. To be in that perfect place which God calls you to is the most exhilarating thing. I have lived it, loved it, and crave it each and every day.

God is real and there is nothing that can convince me that He did not journey with me every moment of the way. The way in which He saved us from the storm on the sea was a proof of that. Jesus stilled the storm with His Words and faith. I stood on that the day the sea threatened to drown us. You can read about this in my new book…Destiny Waited and Courage Roared by Dale Davis. Have a grand day in Him for He craves for you to touch Him with your love and devotion. Blessings from Tig (Dale Davis) You can purchase through the publisher Westbow Press or Amazon and your local Bible book store.