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How did a small-town girl from Texas grow up to travel to 25 nations by prayer and God’s interventions? How did she have the courage, strength, and determination to risk everything, even her life, to carry Bibles and the salvation message to places even some men would not go? Destiny Waited and Courage Roared tells how this gutsy woman’s faith and bulldog tenacity faced life-threatening adventures as she smuggled Bibles into lands where God’s Word is often forbidden. This is not the typical missionary or evangelistic book, for it contains common-sense, Biblical teachings and riveting stories of narrow escapes and emotional salvation experiences.

Dale Davis’s extraordinary relationship with her Father God will inspire you to engage in your own journey with God, to explore new cultures, and to reach the world in obedience to His calling on your life. Her stories may cause you to cry and laugh, but they will certainly have you in awe at how God and Dale teamed together to conquer seemingly impossible situations.


Destiny Waited and Courage Roared uniquely reaches people of all ages with real stories that need no embellishment and that educate, evangelize, and entertain, which are key marks of Dale’s ministry. Over her 40 years of serving God, Dale has taught in Christian education, led youth and children’s ministries, directed outreach and street ministries, performed and taught theatrical clowning, and attended Bible school in La Marque, Texas.Dale is available for booking engagements including teaching seminars on evangelism, using drama to teach the Bible, presenting motivational messages, and speaking to women’s groups especially about overcoming pain and sorrow. She also leads mission tours and looks forward to meeting you in person at one of her presentations.

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Contact Dale through her web site DaleDavisMinistries.com or her blog page via her web site or by e-mailing her at Dale@DaleDavisMinistries.com