Category: Obedience-the Great Adventure

In The Garden

On a walk up a mountain side in Spain I stopped to sit on a rock and meditate over the good things of God. ThisĀ  picture was snapped as I opened a small Bible that was given to me by a very dear man named Roy. He was 80 when he joined my theatrical clown […]

On The Road Again

I remember this moment with the greatest of joy and relief. This man in the picture beside us zany clowns grew up in Ireland and was 80 years old when he witnessed a sight he had not expected on a cold November night in 1993. My clown team and I had ministered to a group […]

Great Joy

The day dawns and up we rise to face new opportunities. Great joy is derived from serving others and obedience to God, our Father. God is awake and never sleeps always standing by our side and completely ready to touch our lives in new ways. Seek and we find, ask and He gives, knock and […]