Resting in God’s Grace and Love

Life, a continual change of opportunities. To live our best is most often our goal and yet at times we ask what is best? How refreshing it is to sit in God’s presence and drawn strength from Him alone. God knows what is best and all you have to do is ask and believe as […]

Unto Him Who Watches Over Us

Father God I approach you today with earnest joy and peace in you and you alone. How pleasant, good, profitable, it to be on a journey toward eternity. Faith pleases you Father therefore faith obtains your favor and blessings. Life can be a continual change but you never change. Restorer of my soul and giver […]

Sow the Seed of God’s Word

Hi everyone, On a hot summer day in Africa this old man drew my attention.  Often these rare moments in time were presented as I walked about the villages. Day by day I waited on God to lead me to those who were hungry for the truth of the gospel. The old man in this […]

In The Garden

On a walk up a mountain side in Spain I stopped to sit on a rock and meditate over the good things of God. This  picture was snapped as I opened a small Bible that was given to me by a very dear man named Roy. He was 80 when he joined my theatrical clown […]

On The Road Again

I remember this moment with the greatest of joy and relief. This man in the picture beside us zany clowns grew up in Ireland and was 80 years old when he witnessed a sight he had not expected on a cold November night in 1993. My clown team and I had ministered to a group […]

The Road to Where

On many of my journeys we would take off to places unknown to us. I often think back and find myself being amazed at the boldness I lived in and by. God is a mighty God and when you strike out to follow His commands He will fill your heart with extra faith. Faith does […]

Out of The Ashes

This morning as I prepared for the day the voice of God spoke to me these words, “Out of the Ashes.” I was meditating over a sermon I was preparing for a ladies group to be held in August in San Antonio. These words God spoke  inspired me as I rushed to write them down. […]

Great Joy

The day dawns and up we rise to face new opportunities. Great joy is derived from serving others and obedience to God, our Father. God is awake and never sleeps always standing by our side and completely ready to touch our lives in new ways. Seek and we find, ask and He gives, knock and […]

In Him

The Word of God and my Father God (Hashem) His Hebrew name is what is on my mind, The day begins and light overcomes the darkness every morning. I love that special light reaching in my window to touch my face in the early part of day. It kisses me with the sunshine peering into […]


The rose is the most adored flower of all flowers in the world. Most often used for love and romance, victories, honor, and it is used  often  to share our heart and our feelings in life and even in death. The texture of the rose and its glorious colors amaze people around the nations. How […]

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