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Resting in God’s Grace and Love

Life, a continual change of opportunities. To live our best is most often our goal and yet at times we ask what is best? How refreshing it is to sit in God’s presence and drawn strength from Him alone. God knows what is best and all you have to do is ask and believe as you seek God’s wisdom in His Word.. He will show you and confirm to you what it the right way to go. Don’t do what is good unless it is best a wise older minister of God once said. Sometimes to endure change and find rest we must die to self. Let go of fleshly things, desires, our own ideas, and just sit back and wait upon God the Father who craves our time with Him. God bless you and may you find the rest you need in Him.  The Gypsy Rose On The Road Again girl.. tig

Unto Him Who Watches Over Us

Father God I approach you today with earnest joy and peace in you and you alone. How pleasant, good, profitable, it to be on a journey toward eternity. Faith pleases you Father therefore faith obtains your favor and blessings. Life can be a continual change but you never change. Restorer of my soul and giver of life I honor you and adore you…your name is worthy of praise so I praise you above all.. Love you Father your daughter Tig

Sow the Seed of God’s Word

scan0001Hi everyone,

On a hot summer day in Africa this old man drew my attention.  Often these rare moments in time were presented as I walked about the villages. Day by day I waited on God to lead me to those who were hungry for the truth of the gospel. The old man in this photo was preparing to sow seeds in his field. The scene inspired me to meditate the idea of sowing seed of God’s Word along the way I traversed. I realized I would have to sow,  then simply move onward as I waited for God to bring the rain (spiritual rain of course) and then wait upon the harvest. There are times when we simply have to trust God, not our own abilities and resources. These quotes written in a moment of meditation pressed me onward.

“Greatness is found in those who step out beyond themselves.”

“Adventure awaits those who stretch their faith to obey God’s commands.”

“We set limitations only if we do not take the first bold faith step out the door.” 2003 Dale (Tig) Davis

Helen Keller, a bold yet blind woman once said, “Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble we cannot full respond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness.” “Security is mostly superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Her quotes so inspired me I risked what others thought and the possible danger that might lay ahead. I had to obey the still small voice of God to take the gospel in places where some thought me mad to go. I must tell you seriously however, God prepared me for this work many years before He sent me. He taught me many lessons, He knew my heart to obey Him, God knew I would not take to the road without His command, nor just go to go; He knew me that I would obey His voice and only His voice. Wisdom learned and gained guided me. Angels were with me and I leaned on the Lord and His promises.

You cannot do or take the risks I took without walking in constant prayer, preparation, boldness, and the knowledge of God’s Word. One of my greatest desires is to inspire others and to share this message. “There is a destiny lurking in you waiting for the moments you rise in faith to take hold of the call on your life.” Dale (Tig Davis)

I will close now with this powerful scripture. Isaiah 43:2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

There are many evils walking among us in the world today. The spirit of depression hangs heavy over America and the world.  Take heart my friends, God is with us. As we must learn His Word and stand strong in faith, then we can roar like the lion with the courage that comes from God above.

Stand on God’s Word, then after standing, stand some more. He loves you and waits for your fellowship and willingness. Call on His name and He will show you great and mighty things.

Dale (Tigi) woman of God protected by the lion of Judah our Messiah Jeshua (Jesus)

In The Garden

slider1On a walk up a mountain side in Spain I stopped to sit on a rock and meditate over the good things of God. This  picture was snapped as I opened a small Bible that was given to me by a very dear man named Roy. He was 80 when he joined my theatrical clown ministry in the early 90’s. His theater clown character was a doctor and his sweet wife made him the most darling costume. Roy was a great soul winner and a bold (young at heart) man. I am reminded when I sit in my garden of the wonderful people who have passed through my life. Roy was one of them and is in heaven waiting for us.

Had I not obeyed the voice of God to strike out to attend Bible School in La Marque, Texas in 1992 I would have missed so much. It was from here that I launched into an international season for my ministry. I was sitting on my screened porch this morning looking at a huge yard that was once a dirt pile where feral cats had made into their waste potty. It is now a huge beautiful garden filled with plants and flowers along with some pots filled with colored bottles and water for the birds.

I praised God, for that garden was made of many small moments of hard labor, sweat and tears along with faith to obtain more plants. I love gardens and God does too. He made Adam and Eve a garden deluxe in the beginning. Much meditation takes place in my garden and I relate fulfilling vision to planting a garden. You begin with faith, a plan, and hope that you will someday have beautiful flowers and green things not dirt and more dirt. Gardens take much care and weeds attempt to take it over constantly. Pruning takes place almost everyday. I can relate many verses in the Bible in many different ways to the garden. You must work the ground, add good dirt, and plant seeds. Of course you must feed it, water it and move plants about to receive the best light possible for their growth in order for it to produce.

This morning God’s love consumed me and praise filled my mouth as I stared into the beautiful plants and flowers. In five years, what was; as one friend coined from an old phrase this quote, “Dale you have  taken a sow’s ear and made it into a silk purse.” I hope you take your vision and plow the harvest field with faith and obedience to God’s call for you life. Plant the Word of God and it will grow and a garden will give you refuge in the storms of life. Vision will come one step of faith, one decision to obey God, and prayer to see God’s vision come to pass. Twenty five nations are now mine for I was willing to work the plow to stir the dirt, I took steps of boldness and risks to step out to believe and act on what God was telling me. I am still doing this today. Vision and destiny wait for you as you take steps out your front door to follow and take heed to the voice of God.

Tig (Dale) lion-heart woman of God always ready for action

Get to planting spiritual seeds and bloom where you are planted till the next season comes and goes

On The Road Again

scan0003I remember this moment with the greatest of joy and relief. This man in the picture beside us zany clowns grew up in Ireland and was 80 years old when he witnessed a sight he had not expected on a cold November night in 1993.

My clown team and I had ministered to a group of children and when all done we decided to go out in costume to grab a bite to eat in one of the pub/restaurants in Dundalk. This man’s name was Shawn and when he saw us skipping into the sandwich shop he began screaming as well as wildly gesturing for us to sit with him.

It was later that evening in a coffee shop next door that we personally met with him. He was and had been weeping till he was weak. Some of his first words were ” I have never known but one happy day in all my life. That day was when I went to the circus to see the clowns. They made me laugh. I was six years old. My father beat me terribly until I was sixteen.”  In great giant sobs of misery Shawn continued. ” I finally ran away and I  have lived as a drunk on the streets all my life. When you walked in that door to the pub I was taken back to remember the one happy day of my life when I was only six.” More sobbing continued as we held him and sat  crowding close to him. The presence of God was powerful in His forgiving love.

After much compassion and sharing Jesus with this old gent who obviously had had a tender heart at one time, we began sharing God’s love with Shawn. We watched much of the the buried  pain and sorrow gush from him as the flood gates of deep hurt opened. We cried with him as well. Personally we had preferred to not go out in public dressed like clowns to a restaurant, but oh how happy and fulfilled we were when we sat wiping his tears from his face and the table where they had dripped. God’s great compassion left all of us and the people in the restaurant bowing their heads in prayer. More hearts and wounded people than Shawn were ministered to that fateful night.

God will use anyone or anything to bring salvation and healing to a wounded person. Shawn died the next winter, but he had trusted in Jesus and called on Father God to save him. I believe the heavens were filled with rejoicing that night and when he entered those pearly gates in heaven to meet God the next year the glory of the Father burst into a celebration of glorious fireworks.

Stories like this and many other adventures reveal the deepest soul and hearts of many people and the real life stories are tucked away in the treasure box of pages waiting for you and others to read in my book,  Destiny Waited and Courage Roared by Dale Davis. I took the gospel to the world as a theatrical clown and then for another eight years smuggled Bibles and ministered in Churches in places where people hungered to see a Bible and know about Jesus/Jeshua the Messiah. What a life I lived and am living as I tell of the mighty power, protection, and provision of my God the almighty creator of all.

Tigi (Dale Davis) Woman with the lion-hearted spirit of God

The Road to Where

On many of my journeys we would take off to places unknown to us. I often think back and find myself being amazed at the boldness I lived in and by. God is a mighty God and when you strike out to follow His commands He will fill your heart with extra faith. Faith does not look at the circumstances but rather listens to the heart of God and His Word.

God’s Word is truth and life and power. Trust in The Lord with all ALL your heart and lean not to the raging fears or thoughts that consume the mind and those feelings that tempt one to turn from what God has said to do. How many amazing moments in my life I would have missed had I listened to fear or the doubts. Learn to listen to the heart of God in His Word and then obey and great adventures will come your way.

Where is wherever or whatever God is saying to you. Step out and take a leap of faith and peace will consume your soul, your mind, your feelings, and your will. Be blessed be obedient to God

Tigi (Dale)

Out of The Ashes

This morning as I prepared for the day the voice of God spoke to me these words, “Out of the Ashes.” I was meditating over a sermon I was preparing for a ladies group to be held in August in San Antonio.

These words God spoke  inspired me as I rushed to write them down. Out of the ashes, this is what most of our lives are all about. To perfect pottery, or metal it takes heat. Fire can be good then it can also destroy. Satan comes in to steal, to kill, and to destroy but God our heavenly Father comes to give life and give it with abundance. A good vessel of pottery must be fired in heat to make it usable. A rose must be crushed to bring out the lovely scent of the rose for perfume. A decision and revelation of God’s great merciful love and forgiveness takes the ash heap that bad choices make, and turns them into good. God never sends pain to teach us, but He will use what the enemy finds to use against us and then turn it around in order to help us grow and become victorious. Lessons learned help us to not go down those roads again. There is a path that God maps out for us and our lives. When we follow His voice, we can find the greatest journeys to travel on. So take heed to that still small voice that agrees with nothing but the Word of God and His direction and all will be well with your soul. Let God shape and mold you to His glory. After all, that is one of our purposes on this earth; to bring glory to God and touch the lives of those whose lives have turned to ash.

I have risen from a heap of ashes in my life recently. With tears flowing from the pain, guilt, and sometimes shame; I with God at my side have risen to allow Him to take the mess I had made through not listening to His voice and watched Him turn it all around. Never fear, God is always near and He waits to turn our lives around. When we seek, knock, and ask Him to fix us in order to make us a vessel good for his service, He will do just that. Let us give Glory to God and God alone. Out of the ashes can come a beautiful vessel. God’s destiny waits for you as you obey His voice and the call on your life.  He will lead you to adventure. Out of the ashes came a rose made beautiful for the King of Kings. Glory to God in the highest.

Great Joy

The day dawns and up we rise to face new opportunities. Great joy is derived from serving others and obedience to God, our Father. God is awake and never sleeps always standing by our side and completely ready to touch our lives in new ways.

Seek and we find, ask and He gives, knock and God opens the door. If the door feels shut there is always a window. God will watch over you. I remember this so well, when I was in the middle of Spain on the way back from a ministry time in France we stopped along the roadside. Down a lonely dusty old road we found a rustic Roman ruins of a fortress once grand but now fallen and worn by time, wind, and all that the elements that wear away at that which we build. The presence of Father God was the most amazing breathtaking opportunity in that deserted place. The day held for me the most awesome experience in my life. Standing alone with God with ruins in the background, mountains glimmering in the sunlight, and what was once a flowing river dammed for drinking water I stood feeling the touch of God upon my heart.  I felt God like I had never felt Him before. He was everywhere in everything all all consuming love raced through my veins.  God is more than real and He will show Himself to you when you seek to obey His voice in all you do. To be in that perfect place which God calls you to is the most exhilarating thing. I have lived it, loved it, and crave it each and every day.

God is real and there is nothing that can convince me that He did not journey with me every moment of the way. The way in which He saved us from the storm on the sea was a proof of that. Jesus stilled the storm with His Words and faith. I stood on that the day the sea threatened to drown us. You can read about this in my new book…Destiny Waited and Courage Roared by Dale Davis. Have a grand day in Him for He craves for you to touch Him with your love and devotion. Blessings from Tig (Dale Davis) You can purchase through the publisher Westbow Press or Amazon and your local Bible book store.

In Him

The Word of God and my Father God (Hashem) His Hebrew name is what is on my mind, The day begins and light overcomes the darkness every morning. I love that special light reaching in my window to touch my face in the early part of day. It kisses me with the sunshine peering into my window. I rise to make the body get going. Having a goal and purpose helps me make it through each day. If we do not set goals and have a reason to live we slowly die. Age does not mean as much when we have something to do. Grow older in God and He will let His light shine on you and direct you to shine your light on others. Have a grand day in Him who is the light of the world. Tig


The rose is the most adored flower of all flowers in the world. Most often used for love and romance, victories, honor, and it is used  often  to share our heart and our feelings in life and even in death. The texture of the rose and its glorious colors amaze people around the nations.

How lovely was the sign of the rose that God would send  me for confirmation on my journeys around the world. In spite of the rose being such a beautiful thing it carries a sharp quick sting. Unlike many plants that sting, the rose prick is quick to penetrate then quickly leaves after it’s painful thrust. We manage to forgive the rose for its quick sharp stick for the beauty of the rose and its heart to please us with its amazing glory.

I like to think of friends in this way. They can be so beautiful in relationships, but they too can hurt us without realizing or even knowing that what they did or said was hurtful. Yet with true friends and Godly people the sting of a friend or family member is like the rose; often short lived. Unless we choose to let the pain continue. Forgiveness is a glorious thing that relieves the pain and heals our hearts. Like the roses, their beauty comes back to make us laugh or to help our sorrow to pass. Thank God for friends, family, and the ability to get pass the pricks of people and the pain that life sometimes deals to us. Look for the beauty in others and let the pricks go aside. There is beauty after the rain and roses love to shine after the rain.


Look to God He will see you through anything and give you roses with a scent that will last forever. That lasting scent is the love of our Father God and our Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit that abides in us and with us. They are the roses in our lives. Great, beautiful, honorable, trustworthy and filled with love that overcomes all sin. We often forgive the rose for its pricks, for the beauty which it gives to us in spite of the pricks of its thorns. I often wonder about why such a beautiful flower as the rose, that it would have such thorns. The world is filled with beauty and thorns so let us remove the thorns and enjoy the beauty of God and His amazing creations such as the rose.

Blessings to each of you,

Dale (the wandering rose of God my heavenly Father who is so perfect and righteous, as well; so very beautiful)